Boiler Issues That Routinely Affect British Homeowners

When you start to rank the appliances within your home, in relation to their importance, it is hard to not immediately think of your boiler. Not only does this serve to keep you warm when winter arrives, but it also ensures that you have access to boiling-hot showers as-and-when you like. It is for this reason that many homeowners look to stick to their annual boiler service religiously. This should also provide you with some motivation to sort your boiler insurance out. Here to offer more of an explanation as to why boilers typically go wrong, are the Drain Protection UK team.

1. Boiler making unnatural sounds

For the most part, your boiler should remain silent - although there may be a little bit of noise when it is in operation, it should not be enough to distract you from your daily routine. However, if you have recently noticed that there is a cacophony of noise during usage, you may want to get this checked out. There is a possibility that this is an indication that you are suffering from a frozen pipe, or that air has somehow become trapped in the system.

2. Boiler’s pressure is low

In times gone by, it was notoriously difficult for you to ascertain as to whether or not the pressure of your boiler was below its normal level. Usually, you would step into the shower, and perhaps realise that the water is not being propelled at its normal rate. Thankfully, most boilers that have been installed in the past few years are equipped with a pressure gauge. This means that you can take an accurate reading in an instant, which is not something to be taken for granted.

3. Radiators not working

A tell-tale sign that there is an underlying fault with your boiler is that there is no heat stemming from any of your home’s radiators. These are entirely reliant on the boiler, hence why you will not want to tackle this problem lying down. Whilst it could simply be a case of you needing to bleed the radiators, we would recommend taking no chances. There might be problems relating to the water supply, and this is where you will be thankful that you enlisted the help of professionals.

4. Lack of hot water

There have been some instances whereby there has been nothing wrong with your central heating, yet you cannot get any hot water to come out of your faucets. If you have experienced something similar to this, the chances are that the cause of the problem lies squarely with the boiler. You should also note that a vice-versa situation is also possible. If you want to ensure that the outcome is favorable, your best-bet is to speak to experienced engineers.

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If you have ever been forced to deal with any of the aforementioned issues, we are sure that you will appreciate why you should look at getting top-tier central heating cover sooner rather than later. Should your boiler break, the reality of the situation is that the rest of your central heating system will also fail - during the colder months, this could truly leave you in dire circumstances. 

When you invest in boiler cover, you can have the peace-of-mind that both your boiler and central heating unit is covered; never again will you have to worry about servicing or repair expenses, as your insurance covers the costs. For those of you that want to get started, now may be the time to send Drain Protection UK an email at      

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