How long will a boiler last before it needs repair?

How long will a boiler last before it needs repair?

Within the first six years 49% of boilers developed a fault of some description and the average cost of repairing a boiler fault was £188. In the past I’ve tended to purchase Worcester Bosch boilers as these have served me well and have had a good reputation within the industry. The latest Which report bares this out in that their figures indicate that only 38% of Worcester boilers developed a fault in the first 6 years. The most common faults on a boiler during the early years based on a recent Which survey of almost 5,000 members were:

1. Water leaking from the boiler
2. Boiler keeps switching itself off
3. Problems with built in controls of the boiler
4. Control panel error on the boiler could not be reset
5 Water leaking from the condensate pipe What is boiler insurance or a boiler service contract?

Boiler insurance or a boiler servicing contract is a policy which involves monthly or annual payment that guarantees the costs of repair should the boiler break under cover. There are a number of companies that now provide this specialist cover for landlords. Conditions and restrictions for each contract vary so it’s important to look at the details. The typical restriction is boiler insurance may not be available if your boiler is over a certain age so for a conventional boiler this may be 15 years but only 7 years for a condensing boiler (what does this say about the reliability of modern condensing boilers?) Other policies specifically exclude cover in certain types of building such as apartments in a block so it’s worth thumbing through the small print.

Many of the landlord boiler insurance companies will bundle their cover to include additional services such as a gas safety report. They also promise to replace the boiler if they are unable to fix the boiler or find the part. The exclusion to this promise is it only applies to relatively new boilers eg ones of less than 7 years of age.

There are two essential factors when deciding whether to get boiler insurance. Firstly the costs of repairing their boiler should it go wrong and secondly the hassle / convenience of trying to locate and employ an engineer to fix the problem.



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