The Drainage Issues That You Need Your Insurance Plan To Cover


Home emergency insurance is something that many people understand the need for, but are slightly clueless about when it comes to negotiating a new deal. In particular, there are countless drainage issues that need to be accounted for, and you should do all that you can to familiarise yourself with these. It is here that the Drain Protection UK experts really come into their own; below, you can find a helpful list of the types of problems that you should look to have included within your insurance package.

Manhole Repairs

Despite it not being on your property, you can sometimes find yourself on the receiving end of a bill relating to the manhole that resides directly outside your home. Whilst you would usually expect the local authorities to cover the costs, as a resident you may be expected to contribute to this. If you want to ensure that you are not excessively denting your finances due to this payment, it may be worthwhile taking the necessary steps to include this in your current drainage plan. Rest-assured that you will reap the rewards from this decision further down the line.

Burst Pipes

It will not take you long to realise that you have got a burst pipe within your home - it will make itself known relatively fast, courtesy of the abundance of water that sprays out. Understandably, you will want this type of issue to be resolved as quickly as possible, in order to get back to your ordinary quality of life. In order to stop yourself from being forced to pay a hefty plumbing bill, it is vital that you incorporate this type of coverage into your drain insurance. Should this type of situation arise in the future, the savings that you will enjoy from taking premeditated action will certainly put a smile on your face.

Gutter Clearance

Although this is not a part of the home that is usually given much attention, the fact of the matter is that you need to try and take good care of your guttering systems. Without these, you would quickly find yourself overrun by water; this could easily lead to the structural integrity of your property being compromised. For those of you that have been slightly lax when it comes to maintaining these, you will be pleased to hear that you can get your drainage insurance package to cover the cleansing of these by professionals.

Drain Blockages

In case you were wondering, it is rather easy to work out whether or not your home’s drainage system is suffering from a blockage. Were you to notice a foul odour arising from your sinks or toilet, the chances are that this is being caused by blocked drains. Most people would agree that in terms of plumbing and drainage cover, this is by far-and-away the most important type of cover to invest in. As time goes on, the peace of mind that this can provide you with will prove to be invaluable.

What Services Do We Provide?

If you feel as if your existing drain insurance cover is lacking in a number of areas, and you would like to rectify this, the company that you should turn to for assistance is Drain Protection UK. When it comes to emergency cover, few can hope to match the quality of our services. To us, it does not matter if your focus is primarily on your boiler and central heating system, or if you need to organise insurance for your water supply pipes. All that we care about is satisfying the needs of our customers. Should you wish to become a client, the best course of action is to ring our team today on 0800 689 1862. 

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