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We cover you for any unexpected leaks and drainage issues due to blockages, plumbing malfunction or broken pipe.

We offer a Yearly Plan with no nasty surprises or unexpected costs. We'll always be transparent, so you can be confident that we won't land you with any hidden expense. Sign Up and switch to a cheaper Protection Plan today & join our many satisfied customers!

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Our policies ensure that you can carry on with your day-to-day life without disruptions.

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Boiler & Heating - Question's & Answers


Our Boiler Protection Plan covers a wide range of problems including repairs and replacement parts. We also cover central heating breakdown protecting everything connected to it such as radiators and plumbing & electrics.

Boiler repairs which includes labour and spare parts
Leaks & Burst Pipe Repair
Boiler Breakdown & Repair
Central Heating Breakdown & Repair
Radiator Breakdown & Repair
Repairs to your Boiler and Controls Included
Gas Boilers
Electric Boilers
Repairs and replacement parts or contribution to a new Boiler if BER (beyond economic repair)
Annual Boiler Service. (On or after the twelfth month of your policy start date.)

Boiler Cover is optional cover that’s there to give you peace of mind and financial assistance when Boiler & Heating problems arise. When you consider the potential cost of paying out for household emergencies, Drain Protection UK's cover could save you a huge unattainable engineer bill.

We provide cover for boilers most Boilers and all major makes and models
Unfortunately, we do not provide cover for:
• LPG boilers
• Back boilers

Our Boiler & Heating Cover won't pay for the costs of a new boiler replacement/installation, but we can contribute a monetary value within your plan limits for a new Boiler if your is deemed Beyond Economic Repair.
Unfortunately, we do not provide cover for:
• LPG boilers
• Back boilers
• Oil boilers
• Solar Panel Systems
We do not currently cover under floor heating system breakdown.

If your radiators are cold, the hot water cannot flow to them. Occasionally the thermostatic valve can become seized or there may be air in the system. Your radiators will likely need bleeding. We don’t advise our customers to attend to the problem but recommend you contact us to send a professional to assist with anything covered within your plan.

If your radiator does not work, you can try a couple of things to fix it. Firstly, Bleed the radiator, this removes trapped air and allows hot water to circulate properly. Secondly, you may have to clean your radiator.

Try to check the radiators when the weather is warm to avoid going without the heat when it gets cold.

When the water flow is restricted as it is trapped in the heat exchanger it becomes too hot and starts to steam, boil and therefore expand causing what's called 'kettling'. (Much like the sound of a kettle boiling.)

This is one of the most common signs that your boiler isn’t working as it should. Your boiler is often used 24 hours a day seven days a week, it is inevitable that from time to time problems will occur, but no hot water can cause misery.

What does the boiler control panel say? If you have a digital display that is blank - its a likely indication there is no power to the boiler. Try turning on your lights to check your home power supply alternatively check your fuse box.
Fault code displaying: Your user manual can help decipher the fault code on your boiler. often the fault codes are displayed on a sticker on your boiler. If you can’t find instructions refer to your boiler manufacturers website to find out more. If you can’t find a description for your fault code, contact Drain Protection UK - we will send a Gas Safe engineer for assistance.
Check the timer: Adjusting your timer may resolve the problem.
Check the thermostat: Heating temperature could be set to low.

First step is checking the boiler for the built-in pressure gauge. This may be a a hydraulic pressure gauge or a digital display.
1 to 1.5 bars on your pressure gauge = normal pressure level when your central heating is switched off.
Around 2 bars = normal pressure level when your boiler is active/heating up.

If you find the pressure is to high tighten up the valves - if this doesn’t work your radiators may need bleeding. If the pressure is too low, it may be due to a system leak or a failed component or seal. If there is a visible leak you should not attempt to remove any casings from the boiler. We strongly recommend you contact us at Drain Protection UK. We will send an engineer out to fix the problem at hand.

A very common reason for winter boiler breakdowns is frozen condensate pipes.
Being outside means that during the winter months, the acidic water running out of the condensate pipes is prone to freezing. Any water that freezes inside the pipe ends up blocking more water from escaping through the pipe, meaning that water builds up in the boiler.
To prevent this issue, insulate your condensate pipe, or alternatively, use a condensate pipe heater. This will ensure your condensate pipe does not freeze up when the first frosts fall.

Pipe insulation is the best way to avoid frozen pipes, and frozen pipes can cause your plumbing and heating system to fail or can spring leaks. Lag your indoor pipes – insulating your hot water pipes should also improve your energy efficiency – and get your outdoor tap lagged to prevent it from freezing in the winter.

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