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£500 - £5000 Cover

External Water Supply Pipe

Internal water damage

Burst Pipes

Internal & External Drainage

Blocked Drains

Manholes/ Interceptors

Gutters/Roofing (Clearance/Repair)

We cover you for any unexpected leaks & drainage issues due to blockages, plumbing malfunction or broken pipe.

We offer a Yearly Plan with no nasty surprises or unexpected costs. We'll always be transparent, so you can be confident that we won't land you with any hidden expense. Sign Up and switch to a cheaper Protection Plan today & join our many satisfied customers!

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Plans & Prices

Plumbing & Drainage Issues - Question's & Answers


Leaks & Burst Pipe Repair
Plumbing & Drainage
Internal Plumbing repairs in your home
Sewage unblocking
CCTV inspection
Drainage Supply Repair
Water Supply Pipe
Burst Pipes
Gutters/Roofing (Clearance/Repair)
External Water Supply Pipe
Faulty Hot Water Cylinders
Blocked Drains
Baths/Showers (Blocks/Leaks)
Internal Water Damage
Manholes/ Interceptors
Damaged pipes & Drainage Systems.
Taps/Sinks (Blocks/Leaks)
Broken or loose roof tiles causing internal water damage.
Repairs to the plumbing system in your home and outbuildings and the water supply pipe within the boundary of your property.
Unblocking and repairing your drains and waste pipes to restore flow

Our Plumbing and Drainage Protection Plan covers a wide range of problems, including leaking pipes, blocked drains, blocked toilets and sinks as well as leaks or blockages to your water supply pipe.

Blown Electrics
Faulty Circuits
Internal Rewiring
Repairs to the mains electrical system and wiring in your home
Electrics Covered up to £500

Electrical Cover NOT Included:

Removal/replacement of spark plugs
Electric box maintenance
Removal / Replacement of Components (I.e) Plugs, Lights, Internet & TV boxes

Plumbing & Drainage cover is optional cover that’s there to give you peace of mind and financial assistance when plumbing problems like leaks and blocked drains appear. When you consider the potential cost of paying out for household emergencies, Drain Protection UK's cover could save you a huge unattainable engineer bill.

Cosmetic damage caused by drainage faults of leaks
Shared drains
Faults caused by someone else you used for repairs or design faults
Repairs to the plumbing system outside the boundry of your property
Shared 'private' sewers ( As of October 2011, Water and sewerage companies are now responsible for these repairs.) Please visit for more information

Shower, bath, tile and drain leaks can cause major damage. Many leaks are caused by water escaping out of the enclosure. More signs of damage include: Loose tiles, persistent mould, peeling paint, stains or even drips from the ceiling under the bathroom.

Check for source of leak by: splashing water around the shower door and frame. Leaks around the frame may take five minutes or longer to show up If the door has rubber gaskets or a rubber door sweep, check them for gaps. Check for any gaps where the shower or bath meets the flooring.

Frozen pipes are very common winter home emergencies and can be the worst too. Not only will they cause the water supply to seize up, but the water can burst the pipes apart when it freezes. The water will thaw, the pipe will leak and thus causing devastating property damage and potentially damage electrical supply and the structural integrity of your home. Be sure to be careful defrosting them, you could potentially cause more unnecessary damage to the pipes. Pipe insulation is the best way to prevent pipes from freezing.

Cavity wall insulation draught-proofing can further protect your plumbing.

The biggest contributor to blocked drains is substances other than water being poured down the drain.

- Pour grease and oil in the bins instead of down the drains.
- Use drain unblocker every few months to keep drains clear.
- Use drain covers to collect hair and foodstuffs.

Clean debris out of gutters once or twice a year, ideally in the middle of autumn and early spring, to make sure that the heavy storms during winter do not produce excess damage. It can be a dangerous job in the winter months when it is dark and wet, so try to avoid doing it during this time.

First step is to turn the water off. You don't have to shut down the entire system if possible, turn off the water nearer to the source of the leak. Attaching isolation valve's to isolated areas means you’re able to shut off the water to specific areas.

A very common reason for winter boiler breakdowns is frozen condensate pipes.
Being outside means that during the winter months, the acidic water running out of the condensate pipes is prone to freezing. Any water that freezes inside the pipe ends up blocking more water from escaping through the pipe, meaning that water builds up in the boiler.
To prevent this issue, insulate your condensate pipe, or alternatively, use a condensate pipe heater. This will ensure your condensate pipe does not freeze up when the first frosts fall.

Pipe insulation is the best way to avoid frozen pipes, and frozen pipes can cause your plumbing and heating system to fail or can spring leaks. Lag your indoor pipes – insulating your hot water pipes should also improve your energy efficiency – and get your outdoor tap lagged to prevent it from freezing in the winter.

A sewerage manhole, or inspection chamber, is there to allow maintenance on the underground public sewer or drain.

A manhole is usually 2ft in wide, can be round or triangular, and is made of heavy duty metal.

Not every property will have a manhole on the premises, for example if you share a sewer it may be on a neighbouring property. If the manhole is inside your property boundary, and is not shared with another property, the manhole will be the home-owner's responsibility.

Remember sewer manholes in the road, footpath or other public land are not the homeowners responsibility.

Some developers may have laid sewers within the private land to serve a particular row of houses. Typically located at the back of the houses, the sewers facilitate the connection of sanitary drain lines from kitchen and toilets to the public sewerage system.

If the manhole is inside the boundary of your property and is not shared with another household, it is your (or your landlord's) responsibility. The manhole cover is usually an access point for a drain and not the main sewer.

If you have a broken or damaged manhole within your property boundary, please call us and let us know.

If you spot a broken or open manhole the best thing to do is cordon it off and contact us.
We'll area safe and make sure any defective covers you are responsible for are repaired or replaced.

Generally speaking, you’re usually responsible for drains inside the boundaries of your property, while the sewerage company is responsible for lateral drains, which are usually outside of property boundaries, and sewers. Although most sewers are now publicly owned, there are still some private or unadopted sewers. If your property is served by one of these, you may be responsible for maintaining it. information taken directly from,:

Your Drains are private up to the point of your property boundary. When a pipe crosses the property boundary, or the section of pipe is shared with another property it then becomes your responsibility.

If They are faulty or damaged, please give us a call.

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