Common Problems That Affect Domestic Boilers


When you look at the internal features of your home, there is one part which is essential to maintaining a consistent level of comfort throughout the year. Without a fully-functioning central heating system, you can be left without hot water, amongst other things. Understandably, if a problem arises, you will want to get things back to working order as quickly as possible. In case you were wondering what type of issues are considered to be most-common, allow Drain Protection UK to walk you through the matter. 


There are some sounds that the boiler makes which are perfectly natural - typically, these will occur when the boiler first comes on for the day. However, if the noises persist, you might want to schedule a call-out to your local plumber. This is because there could very-well be debris which is stuck inside your unit. If this is not addressed in a prompt fashion, you could subject your boiler to untold internal damage. For those of you that want to avoid needing to source a replacement, we highly recommend that you are proactive in this instance.

Low Pressure

In case you are unfamiliar with the intricate workings of the modern boiler, it is important that you recognise that if it is exhibiting signs of low pressure, the knock-on effect of this is that the water supply which runs to your shower will be negatively impacted. Not only does this relate to the temperature, but also the overall power. Thankfully, because this can be picked up on fairly easily, it should not take much for you to be able to arrange for a repair, with your insurance firm covering the costs.  

Frozen Pipes

If your property has not been properly insulated, do not be surprised to find that when the temperature begins to plummet during the winter months, you start to discover problems relating to your boiler. Usually, this relates to either the supply or condensate pipes freezing; with the water inside unable to move, you are subsequently left without heating. The parts and labour that is needed to conduct a repair will not come cheap, meaning that it is imperative that you have comprehensive boiler insurance. Without this, your expenses will see an upward spike, which will not make for pleasant reading when your monthly statement becomes available.


When you first get a boiler fitted, you will be advised to regularly conduct a manual check of the unit - the reason for this is that this is the best way to determine whether or not there is a leak. Perhaps one of the pipes has come loose; it might be that corrosion has played its part in reducing the quality of your system. Whatever the case may be, you will be thrilled to learn that your boiler and heating cover plan will eliminate the stress and hassle that is caused when trying to resolve the situation.

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Have you recently had to endure the stress and hassle of trying to organise getting your boiler and central heating fixed, and want to ensure that next time you are better-prepared for the situation? Do you want the peace of mind that if your boiler breaks, the level of cover that you have will ease the financial burden that you have to shoulder? In situations such as these, the solution is clear - collaborate with Drain Protection UK. The boiler cover options that we offer will certainly, at the very least, include the types of problems which are listed above. To learn more about our central heating cover in general, we suggest following the contact instructions provided on our website. 

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