Faults that Might Affect Your Gas Boiler

When you look at your home’s infrastructure, you will quickly identify a number of appliances that, to put it simply, are crucial to preserving your current living conditions. If these were to fail you at an inopportune moment, we guarantee that it would quickly leave you feeling despondent. A prime example of one of these units is your gas boiler; amongst the various boiler types that are available, this is arguably the most popular. Here at Drain Protection UK, we feel obligated to walk you through some of the faults that you should be wary of.

Frozen Pipes

During the colder periods of the year, it is of paramount importance that you take the necessary steps to keep your boiler’s pipes protected. If you allow them to become exposed to the sub-zero temperatures, it will not take long for them to become frozen. This is an issue that does not involve a quick-and-easy fix. The water that is stuck in the system will need to be removed by professionals - as you can imagine, this will not come cheap.

Noisy Boiler

After living in a property for an extended period of time, you will get to grips with the ins-and-outs of what to expect. This means that when you walk past your gas boiler, you should be familiar with the types of sounds that it makes. The reason that we wish to draw your attention to this is because it becomes easier-and-easier to ascertain if there is a problem. In particular, you should be conscious of gurgling sounds; the same can be said for whistling. 

Thermostat Problems

As we are sure you will already be aware, the thermostat is the way in which you can control the temperature of your home. Were to remove this from the equation, it would become increasingly uncomfortable. If you have approached your thermostat recently, only to discover that it is not fully-functioning, we advise you to try and resolve the situation as soon as possible. What you might not have realised is that this type of problem can be covered by comprehensive boiler cover packages.

What Can We Offer You?

Now that you are starting to see the large list of issues that can negatively impact your gas boiler, you should understand why you need to spend money on first-class insurance protection. In this department, your first point-of-call should be Drain Protection UK - our services are guaranteed to leave you with a sense of satisfaction. A glance at our Trustpilot testimonials will reveal that we have a track-record of assisting our clients with solutions that are exceptional in terms of quality. The fixed prices that we offer should certainly be of interest.

A Word About Drain Protection UK

Whilst you may have full-confidence that your gas boiler is going to continue to perform to the highest standard for years to come, the reality of the situation is that there are plenty of issues that could potentially be a hindrance. In order to try and safeguard yourself from any complications further down the line, it is vital that you engage with an insurance firm. 


They will be able to offer you protection that involves supplying you with a gas boiler replacement as-and-when you need it. If this is a plan-of-action that appeals to you, now is the optimal time to reach out to Drain Protection UK at


We can help to replace your boiler in no-time at all, meaning that you can rest safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to go without heating and hot water for extended periods of time. 

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