How Could Your Boiler Breakdown Cover Save You Money?


It is true that there are numerous obstacles that you have to try and overcome when you purchase a house. There will be a seemingly-endless list of insurance policies available, all of which will profess to be cost-effective. Although you might not realise it, a feature within your home that you cannot afford to overlook is the boiler; in essence, this is the heart of your property, and deserves to be treated with the utmost care. Below, you can find Drain Protection UK’s thoughts on why taking out boiler cover is a worthwhile investment.

Time-Saving Investment

When your boiler initially starts to develop a fault, your natural reaction will be to panic; this, after all, is a crucial feature of your home, and something that you cannot do without for any extended amount of time. Trying to arrange boiler repairs is harder than you may think, and this is why you would be well-served by investing in a package that includes boiler and central heating situations. The response time that you will be able to get from your provider will prove to be invaluable going forward.

Takes Care Of Repairs

In some situations, you may be lucky enough to discover that the fault within your boiler is not terminal, and can be resolved with the help of a professional. Plumbers are well-trained in these types of jobs, and they should possess the equipment that is required to handle the work with ease. If you have pushed forward with securing boiler breakdown cover, you will be thrilled to learn that your provider will take responsibility for arranging the appointment with the plumber, and will strive to get a booking at the earliest-possible convenience.

Potential Replacement Option

Unfortunately, certain boiler issues are beyond repair - perhaps the pipes within have been put under too much strain, or there is an electrical fault which renders the unit unusable. Whatever the case may be, you can retain a smile on your face if you are paying into a protection plan. This will cover the costs of a brand-new replacement, as well as the installation service that is required. As you can see, the merits of this type of cover are extensive.

Why Come To Us?

Once you have determined that it would be a good idea to take out boiler cover in conjunction with your other home insurance packages, the next step entails finding a provider that will live up to your expectations. This is a department where you are certainly spoilt for choice, which can make the decision-making process a little difficult. That being said, you could do a lot worse than turning to Drain Protection UK for assistance. We can oversee the organisation of both servicing and repairing your central heating system. If you need any further reassurances, turn to our Trustpilot testimonials - these should instil some confidence in you. 

What Can We Offer You?

Are you worried that your annual boiler service is costing you too much, and therefore want to enter into a plan that negates this expense? Have you been struggling to locate a reputable provider of boiler insurance, and wish to try to come to a favourable outcome sooner rather than later? Should you find yourself relating to either of the aforementioned scenarios, the course-of-action that you need to take is clear. If you were to reach out to a member of the Drain Protection UK at, they would subsequently be able to highlight the various packages that we have to offer, and illustrate that they will not overly drain your finances. 

Why Sign Up To Drain Protection UK?

Our engineers use many methods to fix drainage issue on your property. These include rodding & jetting, CCTV surveys and more. We don’t just supply plumbing and drainage engineers; our team will fix appliances/white goods and boilers all depending on your level of cover with us.

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