How to Identify a Problem with your Boiler

Are you concerned that something might be wrong with your boiler? Are you worried that it's not functioning away it should or not the way that you're expecting it to? We’ve put together some vital points outlining some of the ways that you can spot a problem with your boiler. Sometimes these are less obvious, but it's important to keep an eye on your boiler system because, without central heating, your home can get dangerously cold, which could lead to two health problems. So we have compiled some signs that you can know something is wrong with your boiler.


  • Your House is Cold


This is perhaps the simplest way that you can determine that something is wrong with your boiler. If you have set your boiler system to come on at a certain time but your home is still cold during those hours, or not heating up to the temperature that you have preset, then something might well be wrong with your system. 


There are several reasons why your boiler could have stopped producing heat, for example, the electricity or gas might be out, a fuse might have been tripped or a circuit is blown, there could be a leak in the system, all parts of your boiler has just gone away and need replacing. It’s best not to go investigating yourself though because that can void your warranty or boiler cover.


  • Your Water isn’t Hot


Sometimes this means that the water is just coming out warm, sometimes this means you're not getting hot water at all. If your bathwater is running cold or is only lukewarm, then it's likely something has gone wrong. This could be caused by incorrect water levels or a mineral deposit in your system, or even a faulty thermostat, but it is certainly a clear indicator that something isn't right. 


  • It’s Noisier than Usual


Boilers are not quiet machines, they work with a fair amount of noise, that's usually how you know they're switched on. However, that doesn't mean that they should be loud. If your boiler sounds like a full rolling boil, similar to what you'd expect from a kettle, then something is up with your system. While this might not require any sort of repair, your system might need maintenance. Having your system serviced every year is a great way for you to avoid these sorts of issues. 


Welcome to Drain Protection UK


Here at Drain Protection UK we are an insurance company that works with specialist cover for things like appliances and boilers. Whilst you might think that your boiler is covered by your contents insurance, the reality is that usually isn't, leading to a rather frustrating and expensive situation further down the line. Having specialist boiler cover from our team at Drain Protection UK can take the frustration away. 


When you notice that something is up with your boiler system, all you need to do is give our emergency line a call. They can have a plumber dispatched to your home as soon as possible, so you can get the problem fixed and your home back to normal. Our cover even includes mechanical and electrical damage, so if your boiler is damaged during a leak, you won’t have to worry about the costs of replacement.


If you’d like to make sure that your boiler is properly protected when something goes wrong, then why not speak to one of our team today about starting your own boiler cover plan. Give us a call today on 0800 689 1862.

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