Plumbing and Drainage Cover: Important Issues to be Aware of

Within your home’s infrastructure, there are numerous systems that are working day-after-day to improve your living conditions. In particular, we believe that you need to pay close attention to your plumbing - without this, you would find yourself in a sub-par situation that simply isn’t viable for an extended period of time. This includes, in case you were wondering, your central heating system. Below, the Drain Protection UK have taken the initiative of walking you through certain issues that you will want to try and try and be wary of, both now and further down the line.

Internal Pipe Damage

Depending on where your home is situated, it is possible that the roots of trees could potentially infiltrate your property’s pipes. These are certainly prone to cause trouble, as it is notoriously difficult to have these removed without the help of seasoned experts. Whatsmore, they will also have to utilise bespoke equipment, which does not come cheap. If you were subjected to the costs without financial assistance, it would no-doubt put a dent in your bank account, hence why the plumbing and drainage insurance is so-important.

Blocked Drains

Should you be curious to know whether or not you are currently experiencing blocked drains, we recommend that you take a moment to visit your bathroom. If there is a foul smell stemming from the toilet, this is a clear-and-obvious indicator that there is an underlying problem that you need to address sooner rather than later. Please note that this is advice that can preserve your safety, as it promotes cleanliness and good-hygiene. For your own peace of mind, it is important to resolve the problem in a timely fashion.

Supply Pipe Problems

Without fully-working water supply pipes, we promise that you will see a decline in the quality of your home life. This is because you can’t access fresh, clean drinking water as-and-when you need. Although you could elect to purchase bottled water from your local shop, the reality of the situation is that this is not feasible for the foreseeable future. An easy way in which to determine if there is a fault is to listen out for a dripping tap. 

Leaks & Bursts

It should go without saying, but a leak or burst pipe is not an experience that you will want to repeat anytime soon - the hassle that it takes to fix is difficult to put into words. The majority of insurers cover this, and this is because it is perhaps one of the most expensive problems that modern homeowners can come face-to-face with. Not only this, but if allowed to fester, there is a significant amount of damage that can occur, particularly to your decor. To some of you, this will be enough motivation to push ahead with taking out an insurance package.

A Glimpse at Our Potential

If you were to discover that your property was suffering from any of the aforementioned issues, we are sure that you would agree that you would want to have first-class plumbing and drainage cover in place. Regardless of the level of cover that you dedicated to spend your money on, in the long-run it would work out to be something that is financially sound. Even something as simple as a burst pipe can see your expenses rise dramatically. 


Should you want to eliminate some of the stress that drainage problems cause you, the number that you need to call is 0800 689 0157. The Drain Protection UK team will gladly advise you on the type of emergency cover that suits you; sometimes, this will simply include blocked drains, whilst other instances will call for comprehensive home emergency insurance. 

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